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Can birdnesting help our family?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | Family Law

For couples who decided to divorce in the past couple of years, they might have heard the word, birdnesting or nesting, although they may not really understand what those terms mean to them.

What is birdnesting?

Birdnesting, or the more common term, nesting, is the practice of keeping the Montgomery, Alabama, family home, sharing it and letting the children keep their pre-divorce life. Nesting makes the transition from one family to two families much easier on the children. They do not actually have to experience any part of the divorce. There is no upheaval in their school or social life; however, they will no longer see their parents together.


Logistically, nesting is complicated, but it can be factored into your Montgomery, Alabama, parenting plan pre-divorce and even written into the court’s custody order post-divorce. Though, essentially, you live in the “family” home when it is your time to parent the child because the child stays in the family home.

When your parenting time is up, you go back to your place, and your soon-to-be ex-spouse “moves” into the family home. The child stays put.

Nesting is not for everyone

If you consider your soon-to-be ex-spouse anything other than a friend, nesting is probably not the right option for your family. Remember, when you nest, you continue to share finances, bills and expenses of the family home.

It is a level of intimacy that most divorcing spouses cannot handle. However, if your goal is truly in the best interests of the child, nesting, even when for an extremely short amount of time, nesting can help your child transition into your Montgomery, Alabama, postdivorce life.


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