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How do I successfully co-parent?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Child Custody

We have all seen the horror stories of co-parenting play out on reality shows, television shows and in the movie theaters. However, with a little bit of work before and some ongoing work during the co-parenting relationship, successful co-parenting is possible.

Prior to the divorce

Prior to the divorce, it is important to start on the same page. Both partners need to agree to work amicably on the co-parenting relationship in the best interest of the children. Of course, both parents can disagree on what that means, but as long as both parents agree to look past their own perceived self-interests, the relationship will start on stable footing.

Co-parenting plan

One part of the Montgomery, Alabama, divorce process will be creating the co-parenting plan. Be honest with each other during the co-parenting planning process, and do not over-promise or take on more responsibility than you think you can handle.

Work the details out, and try to make the plan repeatable, year after year. If done properly, this can be a roadmap that works for years to come that allows both parents to live their lives and make plans for their own lives.

Be rocks

Once those plans are in place, they should not change. Be rocks for your kids, and keep the plan for consistency’s sake. This consistency is what kids crave, and it will help them emotionally navigate the pre- and postdivorce process. Consistency on both sides will also help both parents start and keep their new lives.

Learn to effectively communicate

Hopefully, Montgomery, Alabama, divorcing couples have already started with a counselor or therapist to work on their issues, including communication. If not, it may be a good idea to start that process as soon as possible. Even divorced couples could benefit from this to help with communication. After all, if couples cannot effectively communicate, they cannot make or keep a plan.

Make the new home, the new “home”

For Montgomery, Alabama, families that had a family home, losing that home will be heartbreaking for the children. Those feelings can be mitigated by making both new homes feel like home.

Before selling or packing up all of your items, walk around with your children to figure out what they want to take with them to their new space, and bring it. Then, create a separate space for the kids.


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