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Social media during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2022 | Divorce

Social media presence can be an asset in the lives of those in Alabama who understand how to use it. Those who use it properly do so by generally publishing certain events in a tasteful manner using discretion in each post. However, there are others who are following the pack to a certain degree without assessing any potential consequences before posting, which can be a problem in certain situations such as when getting a divorce.

Lockdown your privacy settings

All social media platforms have security options built into the operational format. For the most part, users can control who can see their posts. Some Alabama residents who are ending their marriage may want to remove the share function on their page as well as restrict those who can view to friends only. Problems happen when outsiders see posts and then share them with other undesirable parties who can start trouble both directly and indirectly by sharing risque posts that go viral among a certain sect.

Limit what you share about yourself

Another security restriction could also be limiting what personal information is being disclosed publicly such as relationship status. Do not describe yourself as divorcing or use “it’s complicated” when describing relationship status. It may be best to either leave the field blank or continue to post married as a status until the divorce is final.

Do not post intimate photos

Another issue that can anger spouses or even impact the final outcome of a divorce proceeding is posting intimate photos. This can be particularly important for spouses having strongly contested child custody issues. Courts are always concerned about the home environment for dependent children, and erotic photos can be an issue in the wrong situation when a spouse is contesting any aspect of custody.


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