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Subtle and obvious signs that a spouse hides assets

Thread by thread, the trust in the relationship broke away. The tension was too much, leading to separation and now a divorce. With trust gone, only suspicions remain. And you wonder just how forthcoming your estranged spouse will be during the divorce process.

However, those suspicions hovered well before the divorce, especially regarding money. Your spouse always seemed secretive about finances, shunning you when you had questions related to investments, retirement accounts and savings. This only makes you almost certain that your spouse has hidden assets from you and plans to hold on to them. Subtle and obvious signs exist.

Defensiveness, hidden accounts

Trust your instincts if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets. Here are some of those signs:

  • Defensiveness: Such behavior often emerges from someone keeping secrets. Edginess and irritation may surface during the discussion of money. Your spouse may deny that he or she hides assets.
  • Indication of hidden bank and other financial accounts: Hiding money is sneaky, and many couples do so from each other. Online high-interest bank accounts and PayPal accounts are some places to stash money. You may find evidence in emails, texts and in the mail.
  • A smaller paycheck: If your spouse has direct deposit, you may notice the amount of money is shrinking. This is a sign that he or she is siphoning money, hiding it from you.
  • Finding hidden cash at home: You may find money in a hidden safe in the house or even in unusual places such as your car, ceiling, freezer and books.
  • A post office box: If your spouse is hiding additional communications the old-fashioned way, he or she may have a post office box for receiving financial and investment records.
  • Discrepancies in tax records: Your tax returns disclose so many items. In reviewing them, you may learn about certain real estate investments, rental properties, business-related acquisitions, dividends on mutual funds and interest earned from sold bonds.

Hidden assets represent a cover-up from someone whom you once trusted. Perhaps your spouse has concealed assets from you for a long time. Now, it is time to get to the bottom of this, discovering where those assets are. After all, some of them rightfully belong to you.


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