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Is it possible to be cordial during divorce?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2021 | Divorce

There can be no doubt that divorce proceedings have the potential to be among the most contentious and emotionally challenging of all legal proceedings in the state of Alabama. This reality begs the question of whether it is possible for spouses to be cordial during divorce proceedings. In a word, the answer is “yes.”

A more cordial divorce and positive co-parenting

Having a more cordial divorce is particularly important when children are involved. A stark reality about divorce is that issues surrounding child custody, parenting time and financial support tend to be what really supercharges emotions in these types of cases.

Moving into the future, the best interests of a child demands that parents be able to decently communicate. If a divorce remains civil or even cordial, the odds that parents will be able to co-parent in a manner that advances the best interests of a child is far more apt to be a reality.

Divorce proceeding efficiency

If parties to a divorce are civil or even cordial during proceedings, a case is far more likely to reach an efficient and more timely resolution. When parties to a divorce are not in a pitched battle, a marriage dissolution case can be concluded with the expenditure of less time and less money.

Legal representation and a cordial divorce

Although the divorce process can be an emotional one, it can be made easier when a courtroom battle is avoided and the couple’s respective family law attorneys take the lead in negotiating a comprehensive settlement agreement. Many Alabama divorce attorneys schedule no-cost and no-obligation initial consultations with prospective clients.


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