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Is it possible to modify a child support order?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Child Support

Many people are unaware that it’s possible to modify child support if the circumstances have changed. Child support can only be modified in Alabama if the order was last established or modified at least three years ago. The monthly child support amount proposed in the modification should differ by at least 20% or $100 from the amount currently awarded.

When should you request child support modification?

Child support modifications are needed in specific circumstances to ensure that a minor’s needs are met by their parents. This can occur at any time up until the age of 18. Requests can be made when the parent providing the child support has a change in income, whether it’s an increase or decrease in their pay. The child may also need new care, which includes attending a private school, requiring medical or dental care, participating in sports or extracurricular classes, or attending therapy.

There can also be a modification if new children are born or come into the family. The modifications requested by the parent with child custody made may be temporary or permanent depending on the situation. There may also be modifications if the parent providing the support becomes handicapped or disabled.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

You may want to seek the services of an attorney to help you make modifications to child custody or support. A legal professional may review the details of your case and provide recommendations on what modifications need to be made to ensure that the child benefits. An attorney may also offer their services to appeal a denial of child support modifications. As a parent, you’ll want to learn your rights and become more informed on how to navigate the legal system to ensure that your child receives the care they need.


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