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Talking to children about divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Divorce

Making the decision to end a marriage is a difficult one. The stress and emotional turmoil associated with dissolving a marriage become even more intense if there are children involved. Parents who are getting a divorce in Alabama can use some helpful hints when explaining to their children how and why their lives are about to change.

It’s not their fault

It is not uncommon for children, especially children who are a bit older, to blame themselves when their parents make the decision to split. Spend a good portion of the conversation with your children explaining that you are the adults, and they are the kids. Because of that fact, they do not have the ability to end the marriage and should not shoulder any of the blame.

Present a united front

This can be difficult step to take, especially if there is animosity between the divorcing parties. However, you should not take the opportunity to paint your ex as the villain in the divorce, even if he or she has earned that title. No matter the cause of your divorce, you should present it to your children as a mutually agreed decision by you and your spouse.

Consider a family therapist

While this is also a great option before you decide to end your marriage, family therapy is also available to families who are no longer together. It can be emotionally and mentally healthy for your children to speak with a trained professional since their lives are going to change with the end of your marriage.

Finding an attorney to represent you in your divorce is imperative. This attorney may help you negotiate with your former spouse to reach an agreement regarding custody of your children while also helping you make other tough decisions involved in the divorce.


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