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A look at why subsequent marriages fail so frequently

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2020 | Divorce

The current divorce statistics are alarming. Alabama residents have probably heard that 50% of first marriages fail. However, they may not be aware that those numbers steadily climb with each additional marriage as 67% of second marriages and 74% of third marriages also do not last.

Numbers never lie

Many people find these statistics hard to believe because of the old saying, “the third time is the charm.” And even if they never make it to a third marriage, many people falsely assume that they can learn from the mistakes they made during their first marriage to ensure that the second one is a success. But why do second and third marriages fail at such an alarming rate?

What doesn’t kill you…

Once an individual has endured one divorce, he or she realizes that he or she can survive something that has a far-reaching impact into every area of his or her life. While there is something noble to be said about coming out on the other side of a divorce, it can also create the mindset that it’s OK to bail at the first sign of trouble. If a person can survive one divorce, isn’t it logical to assume that he or she can survive another?

Marriage motives matter

No matter how much people would like to disagree, the reason for getting married matters. When someone has been married and suddenly finds him or herself alone, it can create a feeling of loneliness or even failure. These negative feelings can often produce poorly thought-out decisions, which can lead to a marriage that should never have taken place and, often, a second or third divorce.

No matter how many times someone has gone through the divorce process, it is highly advisable that he or she seeks the help of an attorney. A lawyer can help ensure that someone gets what is rightfully his or hers in the divorce decree and is ready to step into the next chapter of his or her life.


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