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How can parents make joint custody work?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2020 | Child Custody

If a divorced couple in Alabama has been awarded joint custody of their children, it can be difficult to figure out an arrangement. Fortunately, studies have shown that joint parenting is entirely possible if the parents are willing to set aside their differences and do what’s right for their children. With a little cooperation, the child can maintain a healthy relationship with both parents.

How can parents make joint custody arrangements work?

In a joint custody arrangement, the parents might feel like they’re competing against each other for their child’s love. As a result, they might criticize their former spouse in front of their child to try to turn their child against them. However, this only creates negativity and makes the child feel guilty for loving both parents. Regardless of their personal feelings, parents should never tell their child anything negative about their former spouse.

Additionally, parents should be realistic when figuring out a custody agreement. It might be tempting to try to claim as much time with the child as possible. However, that can interfere with the parent’s other responsibilities and make it impossible for them to raise a child at the same time. Parents should be honest and be willing to relinquish some of the custody instead of trying to keep their child all to themselves.

Who can assist you with a child custody arrangement?

Filing for divorce and figuring out matters of child custody can be difficult. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. An attorney may be able to guide you through the process and do what’s best for your child without sacrificing your well-being. An attorney might help you fight for a fair custody arrangement, earn your visitation rights or negotiate for child support with your former spouse.


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