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Women seek to end marriages more often than men

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2020 | Divorce

Men and women in Alabama seek divorces for many reasons. However, studies have shown that women seek to end their marriages more often than men. As times have changed, women’s expectations of what a healthy marriage should be like have evolved.

Housework and child-rearing can be the deciding factors

One major reason that women seek to divorce from their significant others is the prevalent gender inequality found in many heterosexual unions. In many cases, women feel that even as their financial contribution to the union is equal or superior to that of their partners, they are still expected to take on the majority of the responsibility when it comes to housework and child-rearing. Lack of communication can also play a role when women seek divorce.

Lack of support pushes women away

For career-oriented women, the gender inequality together with a perception that their husbands are not as supportive of their professional success as they expected might drive them to decide that they are better off on their own. In some cases, women feel that their marriages are actively holding them back from what they could achieve.

Behaviors that are no longer accepted

Women have also become less tolerant of behaviors that might have been more accepted in the past when women were financially dependent on their husbands. These behaviors include:

• Infidelity
• Controlling actions
• Emotional abuse

According to one study, 70% of divorces are started by women. This might be true even for same-sex couples as a U.K. report showed that 78% of same-sex divorces were between couples made up of two women.

Success in marriage is not a guarantee, and expectations have risen as to what makes a healthy relationship. For couples who find that they are not suited or that their individual expectations are not being met, divorce might be the path they choose to take. A divorce lawyer may explain each step in the process.


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