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Factors that can influence child custody cases in Alabama

When dealing with matters of child custody, the courts will take several aspect of the parents’ living arrangements into consideration. One aspect is how much space and privacy the child will receive, particularly if they’re an older child. The court might give preference to the parent who can give the child their own bedroom. Additionally, if the parent and child are of opposite sexes, the court might prefer that the child receive even more privacy and space for themselves.

The number of children in the house also plays a role in child custody cases. The court might be reluctant to grant custody to a parent who already has multiple kids and can’t provide a bedroom for all of them. If the parent already has children from other relationships living with them, the judge might also take this into consideration. Even if the parent isn’t requesting full custody, it helps if they can prove that they have enough space for the child to stay overnight.

Another important factor is the child’s happiness and well-being. The judge might consider whether the child can maintain the same quality of life if they need to move to a smaller living space. Their physical safety will also be considered. The court might assess the neighborhood and evaluate the crime rates, the number of sex offenders in the area and other factors.

An individual currently fighting for child custody or visitation rights might find it beneficial to speak with a family law lawyer. The lawyer may assess the situation and figure out how to proceed in the child’s best interest. The client might then be able to secure the desired custody or visitation rights. If not, the lawyer may be able to negotiate a deal with the other party that works for both parents.


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