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Military divorce and child support regulations

Divorced military service members in Alabama and other U.S. states are required by the federal government to provide child support to their children. These rules aren’t designed to interfere with state child support guidelines; they exist to ensure compliance and to serve as an interim guideline for determining child support responsibility when a legal agreement has not yet been reached.

In cases where there’s an absence of a child support plan, federal interim support regulations will be determined by the military until a court order is established. These interim measures may award a lower amount of payments than state guidelines would award.

In the absence of a military interim measure, the determination of child support payment amounts is the same for service and non-service members. The calculations are based primarily on income. To calculate the amount allowable for each child, several additional resources may be taken into consideration such as the estimate of income and leave and earning statements. Additional allowances that are often included in the military service member’s total income might include the Basic Allowance for Subsistence or Separate Rations and the Basic Allowance for Housing.

Once the child support payment calculation has been determined, the service member may also be responsible for covering things like child care expenses and health insurance. Military parents should consider setting up monthly child support payments since the likelihood of deployment could cause a delay in making payments.

Military service members often face an array of unique challenges in a divorce. Since military members frequently move or face deployment, challenges could arise with child custody arrangements. Military service members who are going through a divorce may consider consulting with an experienced military divorce attorney.


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