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How to maintain structure for children in divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2020 | Divorce

Alabama parents often ask how they can ease the upheaval that children experience during the divorce process. There are ways to reduce the impact that the kids feel, but there is no way to fully shelter them from the effects of their family separating. Nonetheless, parents must act consciously and with forethought.

Parents need to continue as much normalcy for the children as possible during the divorce. Each parent needs to have rules in their home that are communicated to the children ahead of time. In other words, things like bedtime should remain intact because removing structure to win the children’s favor is counterproductive. A parent should not be afraid of upsetting the kids if their rules are stricter than those of the other household. Parents should also never disparage the other parent to the children because putting the kids in the middle of the divorce will heighten the damage to them.

In addition, parents need to make it clear to the children that they are always there to talk or listen if the children need it. They should proactively reach out at times to see if there is anything on their kids’ minds. In order to be there for the children, parents need to take care of themselves physically and emotionally too so that they have the mental energy and bandwidth to support the children.

One way to increase the ability to focus on the children is to hire a family law attorney to handle the divorce process. Court filings and negotiations with the other spouse are stressful and can sap the energy that has a parent has to raise their children. The attorney may help their client by taking responsibility for the divorce process and helping their client reach a settlement with the other side.


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