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How to keep divorce out of the workplace

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Divorce

Divorce can be difficult for many people in Alabama, and the stress can bleed into other aspects of life. Some people may be worried about their performance in the workplace, and they might wonder whether it would be best to share the source of their stress with coworkers and supervisors.

This may not be the place to turn for support. In some environments, colleagues and managers might be understanding about how divorce would affect a person at work, but in other situations, they might use this information against the person. People will have to make a decision based on their workplace, and they may decide that it would be better to turn to friends instead.

One common workplace error people make during a divorce is becoming a workaholic. This can feel like a relief since people may be able to use work as a distraction, but it is ultimately harmful to avoid dealing with the issues of divorce. People may want to consider taking a little time off instead. They might focus on building new hobbies and routines outside of work. Those who are able to fairly assess their own role in the failure of the marriage and forgive both their spouse and themselves may be better able to face the divorce process.

The couple will need to decide how to divide their property and make arrangements for child custody and support if they have children. In Alabama, property is supposed to be divided equitably in a divorce, which is different from community property states in which property is supposed to be divided equally in half. If couples cannot come to an agreement about custody, support and how to divide their assets, they may have to go to litigation.


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