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Modifying monthly child support can happen when the time is right

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2020 | Child Support

Raising children can come with a high price tag, and divorce doesn’t make it any cheaper. You’re not likely going to have to foot the bill on your own, but the number the courts offer may not always be enough.

Alabama child support averages out to $758 each month. This number usually comes bundled in with your divorce proceedings along with custody, but a stagnant number may not cover expenses as your lives change and your children grow. You can get a change in your support agreement over time, but there are some stipulations.

Growing pains

Not entirely set in stone, there are a few situations where you could modify child support:

  • Agreement: You can likely bypass the hearing if you and the other parent agree that you should make a change. You will still need to get approval from a judge, but you’re probably looking at a reduced amount of time between submitting your paperwork and getting your alteration.
  • Timeframe: Outside of a prior agreement, the courts can review your request if it’s been three years since they made or modified your order. Beyond that window, you’ll need to show large changes that could greatly alter your children’s lives.
  • Changes: Hard times like a medical emergency involving your children, or the loss of a job could be enough to request a change from the state. But things don’t need to be dire for a change, and positive events like a big change in income or a large inheritance can also pave the way for a modification so that more money is set aside for your children.

Make sure the monthly amounts match the costs with a support modification. Knowing when you can ask is the first step toward getting the money you need to help raise your children.


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