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Establishing paternity is important for unmarried parents

Children are often parents’ pride and joy. However, if the couple is unmarried at the time of a child’s birth, it can cause complications if the couple decides to split.

For parents who conceived their child out of wedlock, establishing paternity could be beneficial. That’s because it can help identify who is allowed to bond with the child and who is obligated to provide them financial support.

It can strengthen child’s well-being

Many unwed fathers across the U.S. understand the importance of being granted fatherhood if they want to see their kid, especially if they and the mother are no longer together. In many cases, these relationships can assist the child in developing their identity and building their self-esteem. It can also give them a more accurate medical history and access to inheritance when the father dies.

Paternity can benefit mothers as well. If couples separate and the mother cannot independently support the child, paternity can help the mother get financial support from the father.

How parents can establish paternity

Here are a few ways unmarried parents can establish parenthood voluntarily here in Alabama:

  • Sign a document that legally states who the child’s father is.
  • Get results from a DNA testing center.

If these two approaches are not possible for the parents’ situation, they can take matters to court.

The child’s best interests should be considered

When parents establish paternity, it can help hold them accountable to their offspring, making sure they provide the child with the resources they need for a healthy and stable upbringing. For those who have questions regarding paternity establishment, an experienced family law attorney in Montgomery, Alabama, can address their concerns and help them understand their parental rights.


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