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Alabama divorce: navigating the property division process

Some matters recurrently loom large in Alabama divorces. In some dissolutions, a quite specific concern emerges as a top-tier focus.

Namely, that is the division of assets between impending exes working their way through the divorce process.

How common are property concerns in Alabama divorces?

A short and definitive answer can be provided to the above header query that is applicable in most cases.

That is this: very common, indeed.

We underscore that point on our website at the Law Office of Joshua B. James, a proven Montgomery family law firm. We duly note therein that, “Nearly every divorce requires some division of property.”

The scope of importance that fair asset division of marital property will entail will vary in any given decoupling. Every marriage – and every termination of such a union – is flatly unique and involves highly singular factors.

That is often revealed as starkly apparent when soon-to-be exes turn to the task of identifying, valuing and dividing wealth, which they often progressively accumulated over a lengthy period – sometimes decades.

It can be both complex and a bit of a chore to unravel all that, especially in so-called high-asset divorces. Those dissolutions are often marked by myriad and diverse types of property.

One online article spotlighting marital property sources instantly indicates that pursuant to a lengthy checklist it provides of broad asset categories that can be relevant in a specific divorce. Those range widely from realty holdings and various savings accounts to multiple retirement vehicles and collectibles/memorabilia.

Divorcing Alabama couples understandably focus closely upon equitable property division. An experienced family law attorney with proven acumen in asset distribution matters can help ensure that a client’s best interests are fully safeguarded and promoted concerning that key subject matter.


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