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How divorce may affect a person’s credit score

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Divorce

Even when getting a divorce is the right thing to do, it can still come with a great deal of stress. One thing that many divorcing people in Alabama worry over is how the process will affect their finances. Many don’t realize the exact effect that a divorce can have on their credit. Fortunately, experts have advice on how to minimize those effects overall.

First, professionals recommend that a person getting a divorce obtain a copy of their credit report right away. All financial information has to be shared with the other spouse, and it will give a person a through picture of exactly what he or she has borrowed or paid back. Experts also say that if anything on the report is incorrect, it needs to be corrected as soon as possible. It is also a good idea for each spouse to continue to monitor his or her credit report once the divorce is finalized.

Each spouse needs to begin building a new and separate credit history. This can be done by creating new credit accounts and using them instead of old, joint lines of credit, as long as the person doesn’t borrow more than 50% of available credit. Finally, knowing which spouse is responsible for certain debts is a key component. Even if one spouse doesn’t have his or her name on a specific loan, if the other spouse fails to make timely payments, it could negatively affect the first spouse’s credit.

Knowledge is power when it comes to handling all financial aspects of a divorce. Those here in Alabama who have concerns regarding how their credit might be impacted by divorce would do well to partner with an experienced family law attorney. A legal professional can help a person through such an important time in life.


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