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Divorce rate dropping thanks to millennials

On Behalf of | May 28, 2019 | Divorce

For some time now, conventional wisdom has suggested that half of all marriages will end in divorce. Whether that statistic has ever been accurate or not, the reasons that couples in Alabama, and all over the country, get divorced vary widely. However, recent research has discovered that the divorce rate is dropping, thanks in large part to the generation of people commonly called “millennials.” Since 1980, according to one study, the divorce rate has dropped by 24%. Experts have several theories on why this is happening.

Overall, researchers say that millennials are getting married later in life. Many say that they want to feel as financially secure as possible before settling down. In the United States, the average age when a woman will get married is now 27, and for men that number is 29. When millennials do meet that special someone, statistics are now showing that they are dating for much longer than previous generations. The average is almost five years.

Many of them are living together before tying the knot. Some of them are even buying homes together before they wed. A significant portion of this generation is choosing not to marry at all — experts estimate that around a quarter of millennials will never marry.

Even wedding ceremonies are changing for this age demographic. Since many young people end up marrying someone from a different religion or background, they often decide to have multiple ceremonies. The added expense is leading many to delay getting married until they can better afford what they want.

When people from this generation decide to get married, they are more likely than older generations to ensure that they have a prenuptial agreement in place. Many of them watched people they are close to go through a divorce and they realize that the process can be very complex. Whether an unwed couple here in Alabama is interested in creating a pre or postnuptial agreement, or two spouses are considering divorce, getting the advice of an experienced family law attorney is a must.


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